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     Although a large part of the earth has been destroyed, industrialized and polluted, there are still remaining parts of it which can be considered blessed with beautiful environment. We can see in this places that people and animals live harmoniously together and plants can be seen everywhere. There's also balance in nature in these places, the kind of habitat people would always want to live in if they don't need money for survival and jobs in urban areas for money. All of us dream that someday the whole world will be like this kind of place.

     Sad to say, when people could not afford to find such place, they would just get the idea of their minds. And when they discover such, they can fit in by merely taking tours or visiting beautiful sceneries. That's the reality of life on earth.

     Talking about beautiful sceneries and tours, one of the most famous tourist spot nowadays is the Montalban Zoological Park also known as Avilon Zoo which can be found at San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.

     As the cliché goes you missed half of your life if you still haven't seen or visited Avilon Zoo. Why? Find out!



All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee; all chance, direction which thou canst see.

~Alexander Pope