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A part of Sierra Madre mountain ranges in Montalban.

     Rodriguez is the northernmost town of Rizal at the periphery of Metro Manila. It is virtually a dead-end town. It is bounded on the north by the province of Bulacan (municipalities if San Jose and Polo); on the east by the province of Quezon and Caloocan; and on the south by the municipalities of San Mateo and Antipolo. The entire area has been estimated at 36,307.385 hectares which is 26.6% of the land area of the province of Rizal.

     The town is about 21 km away from the capital of the province, Pasig, Metro Manila and 27 km away from Manila.



Modern cities are centers of employment, education, and culture. But they are also centers of poverty, delinquency, crime, prostitution, alcoholism and drug abuse. As a rule, cities offer less space, less daylight, less fresh air, less greenery, and more noise.                       

--Georg Borgstrom