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Rodriguez is the northernmost town of Rizal. It is a land full of history, culture and wonders of nature. The name "Rodriguez" is only derived from the Rodriguez clan, who dominated the land. The first name of this land comes from the Spaniards who named this land Monte Alba, which means "White Mountain". The Spaniards have given this name to this town because of what they saw on the Wawa River, a river between the mountains, are white rocks. These white rocks are limestone which gives the idea that this place was once before under the ocean. So, from the Spanish term, Monte Alba comes the name "Montalban", a name which is used by the most of the residents of the town.

Today, Rodriguez is one of the developing towns in Rizal. The urbanization of the town is not far from now. Different establishments from certain companies like Mercury Drug, Goldilocks and etc. are putting up their franchises in the town. Also, the Philippines' biggest zoo, the Avilon Zoo, is becoming more known for its diverse collection of animals which helps in the growth of tourism. Different projects to bloom Rodriguez have been previewed in last December 2004 which is the Montalban Day.




Modern cities are centers of employment, education, and culture. But they are also centers of poverty, delinquency, crime, prostitution, alcoholism and drug abuse. As a rule, cities offer less space, less daylight, less fresh air, less greenery, and more noise.                       

--Georg Borgstrom