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The climate of Rodriguez is characterized by two pronounced seasons, dry form December to May and wet for the rest of the year. July and August are the rainiest months with 550 and 568 mm of rainfall compared to the months of January and February with only 23 and 15 mm of precipitation, respectively. The total amount of annual rainfall is 2,719.5 mm.

The prevailing wind direction affecting Rodriguez is the southeast monsoon with an annual average speed of ten kilometers per hour. Strongest winds occur during the months of April and May but this speed and direction is deviated to other directions thereby reducing its impact to the town.

Generally, the typhoon season begins in June and ends in November although the rest of the year is not entirely free from cyclones that pass Rizal province. An average of 22 to 26 typhoons enter the Philippine area of responsibility often affecting Rizal including the town of Rodriguez.



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