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Physical Issues and Development Potentials

a.     The most extensive land use potential of Rodriguez is forestry, both for timber production and watershed development. These are the areas with slopes exceeding 45%.

There are four areas of potential watershed development:

1.  Watershed Values – A forest cover on these lands will increase infiltration capacity, thus reducing the erosion and the flash-run-of, which occurs in most of the streams. It would also enhance the water quality and improve its potential as source of domestic and irrigation water.

2.  Forest Potential Products – Much of the open grasslands can be planted to a variety of fast growing species, which will be suitable for post or firewood and for use as pulp and particle board. On the other areas where topography permits, the timber stands can be managed as a selectively logged forest without jeopardizing its value for recreational and watershed purposes.

3.  Wildlife Values – In the early 1960’s deer and monkeys were still seen roaming the upland areas. Now the area is devoid of wildlife. With a good reforestation, wildlife can be introduced again.

4.  Recreational Values – With the improvement of forest stand and the return of wildlife species, the mountains of Rodriguez can be developed into a very accessible week-end camping and hunting area for the Metro Manila residents.

b.     Considering the existence of tourist attractions and resorts in Rodriguez, what is needed is total development of these areas in terms of providing each with the necessary facilities. Transportation routes leading to these areas should be improved.

Hopefully, the historical Wawa Dam located at Barangay San Rafael will be developed by the Philippine Tourism Authority which will cater local and foreign tourists. This development will increase this town’s economy.

The development of existing parks and resorts can be traced through proper advertisements aimed at targeting potential investors as well as tourists.

c.     Rodriguez, being an agricultural town should be given enough support, technically and financially so as to boost agricultural production. Farmers should be provided with agricultural infrastructure, facilities and services. Preservation of prime agricultural lands through proper utilization should be encouraged and subdivision development should be controlled so it does not encroach on prime agricultural lands.

Farmers should also be motivated to plant high yielding crops or varieties that could offer better economic prospects than those derived from traditional crops and help aeta in self-sufficiency in the basic agricultural products.

With regards to livestock and poultry, intensification of livestock and poultry production should be encouraged. Expansion of livestock and poultry production through liberal credit from financial institution and efficient veterinary extension services should be given.

d.     It is reported that the town is endowed with patches of lands containing mineral as well as metal resources of undetermined size and deposits. Exploitation of these deposits should be undertaken as to increase production of mines and other extractive resources.



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