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Land Capability

The land area of Rodriguez is primarily agricultural but there is still ample space for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

Baranggay Manggahan is soon to become the center of commercial establishments. This is where the private market is located but unfortunately, was razed by fire on August 1990. Rural Bank of Montalban Inc., Builders Savings and Loan Bank, Active Bank, Premier Bank and RCBC are located in this area. MONTARIZA Cockpit can be found in this place together with the other establishments such as the Mercury Drug, Tropical Hut and I-Mart.

The Public Market is now open which caters the majority of the populace and is located in Baranggay San Jose. The vicinity is partly developing into a commercial place. Fortune Textile and batex Textile can also be found in the area.

Most establishments on poultry and piggery can be found in Baranggays San Rafael and San Jose but the current Land Use Plan allows those establishments in Baranggay San Isidro and small portion of Baranggay San Jose.

Rodriguez has been chosen as the location of several housing projects by the GSIS and SSS. On the other hand, the private sector has engaged in extensive subdivision projects. Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board have approved forty five (45) residential subdivision in Rodriguez alone.

In 1997, Montalban Heights I and II in Baranggay San Jose were developed subdivisions for relocations were brought out by the National Government through the initiative of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). It has a total land area of 24.2272 hectares, which benefited 4,000 families including those affected by the construction of Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 in the North Triangle Area (NTA), Commenwealth, and Marikina with New San Jose Builders, Incorporated as developer.

Added to housing relocation in 1998 are Kasiglahan Village I (KVI) and Suburban Housing Project also in Baranggay San Jose. Kasiglahan Village I has the total area of 55.1493 hectares with 10,000 housing units and Suburban with the total area of 131.8196 hectares comprised of 16,850 housing units. These two housing projects are for relocatees coming from San Juan, Quiapo, those who were affected by the implementation of Pasig River rehabilitation and those families living along the esteros of Metro Manila.

Kasiglahan Village I and suburban are initiated by the National Government and funded by National Housing Authority (NHA). The New San Jose Builders, Inc. is the developer of the said housing project.

The town being situated within the northernmost portions of Marikina Valley and surrounded by Sierra Madre Mountains on the north and east by the Novaliches Watershed Reservation on the west, offers many areas for scenic development.



The reason why we have water pollution is not basically the paper or pulp mills. It is, rather, the social side of humans-our unwillingness to support reform government, to place into office the best qualified candidates, to keep in office the best talent, and to see to it that legislation both evolves from and inspires wise social planning with a human orientation.

~Stewart L. Udal