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Roosevelt College Rodriguez Launched Ecosystem Exposition

     One of the objectives of Roosevelt College Rodriguez is to develop love and respect for one’s environment as a God-given patrimony. This also is the basis for their goal to promote environmental awareness to their students and the whole community. In line with this, the high school department of RCR launched the “Eco-Expo” project. They made their campus field an invisible school of ecosystem. Why? Because in merely observing the environment of the school, we will learn from it and all the creatures or organisms that is present in it. We will learn to appreciate the complexity of life and the cycles occurring in nature. The interrelationships existing between the organisms remind us about our own dependence to nature. We manage to live or survive because of the plants and animals that are providing us with food and also the vital elements we need in order to breath, live and satisfy our wants.

     Today, Roosevelt College Rodriguez invites everyone to visit the school’s unique nature trail. It is a beautiful example not just for every school but also for every community to imitate.

     The school is planning to further develop the nature trail by means of planning more trees, domesticating animals (don’t be surprised, it’s true!!!), instilling love of nature to student, engaging in the community’s environmental projects outside the school and preserving the features of the their campus field.

     Though Roosevelt College Rodriguez is a school that is benefiting from the modern facilities and the innovations of teaching devices, they still manage to preserve the beauty of their environment, not forgetting that they owe their life to it and its creator.

     Yes, indeed we should show love and respect for Mother Earth. Like RCR, we can do it! We can live a modern lifestyle without destroying the balance of nature and abusing our natural resources.



The reason why we have water pollution is not basically the paper or pulp mills. It is, rather, the social side of humans—our unwillingness to support reform government, to place into office the best qualified candidates, to keep in office the best talent, and to see to it that legislation both evolves from and inspires wise social planning with a human orientation.

~Stewart L. Udall