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These are some links that may help you understand more the ecosystem. Try to visit these websites for further understanding.
  • Animal Lore - Explores the real and symbolic relationships between animals and humans, includes articles on animals in nature, mythology, dreams, art, and literature.
  • Birdnet - A mega-resource on ornithology and birding organizations.
  • Butterfly Website - The complete website for butterfly lovers, gardeners, teachers, students, and farmers.
  • EcoTour Directory - A human edited, non-biased directory of Ecotours and Operators providing travelers with a list of organisations in order to help plan their next ecotourism experience.
  • Ecology.Info - Features high-quality, up-to-date-reviews about nature, ecology and the environment. It is a free website and is published in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Marine Ecosystems - Discover marine creatures from the tiny zooxanthellae that make the coral reefs home to the giant mammals of the vast seas! Find out how tiny ocean plants like plankton provide food for mammals as large as whales and huge ocean plants like the giant kelp are used in some of our food products.
  • Milkweed Cafe - A  site for anyone who loves butterflies. A video page shows two movies about the metamorphosis of butterflies.Wild Earth Net - A site devoted to explaining the role of economics in the decisions people make that affect wilderness and wildlife.
  • Take Action - Information about the quickest and easiest way to take action for wildlife and the environment.


Nature is too thin to screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through every where.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson