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     The climate of a region helps to determine the kinds of plants and animals that can live in that region. Lizards and snakes are well suited to the arid conditions of the desert because they have waterproof skins, for example.

     Climates can be very different, even within a small area. But the basic climatic conditions of temperature and rainfall are similar over wide areas. These large areas of similar climate support ecosystems with distinctive features. A biome is a major type of terrestrial ecosystem, each biome having its own temperature ranges, rainfall amounts, and types of organisms.

     There are seven main types of terrestrial biome. Each of these types can be further divided into smaller biomes that are less general. All biome definitions are over generalized, however, because every place on Earth is unique.



Protecting the ecosystem does not tell us to avoid any change, but that we should recognize that human-induced changes can have far-reaching and often unpredictable consequences. Ecology is a call for wisdom, care, and restraint as we alter the ecosphere.