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     The organisms that live in a community are also involved in competition. In a community, competition occurs when organisms try to make use the same resources. Animals compete for food, water, mates, and living space. Plants compete for water, minerals, pollinators, and sunlight. Organisms compete with each other to meet their needs.

     In a balanced ecosystem, competition among organisms is usually not fierce. But when one or more of an area's resources becomes limited due to an event such as drought, only the most well-adapted organisms survive. The less fit organisms die.

     Competition becomes more severe when population density increases. Competition for resources occurs between members of the same species and between members of different species. Because members of the same species tend to occupy the same niche and compete for the same resources, competition is most severe between members of the same species.

    Some examples of this kind of interaction are:

        a. Weeds crowding out useful plants in the garden

        b. Vines climbing on other plants



Earth and water, if not blatantly abused, can be made to produce again and again for the benefit of all.. The key is wise stewardship.

~Stewart L. Udall