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Avilon Zoo: A Sanctuary of Life

Come visit Avilon Zoo!

    Avilon zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal is one of the most valued and famous tourist attractions at present. For everyone’s knowledge, it is the largest Zoological Park and Aviary in Asia. That is why it is not surprising that everyday, an estimate of 100-180 buses (with about 40-60 tourists each) , including foreigners and Filipinos visit Avilon zoo.

     It was named Avilon because it means the house of birds. The most number of animals in the zoo belongs to birds. There are hundred thousands of bird variety in this zoo. Most of them came from other countries and are very rare on Philippine forests.

     The total land area of the zoo is 7.5 hectares. But it is not yet totally finished. If you have visited Avilon zoo, all you’ve seen was only seventy percent (70%) of what it will be after the zoo is completed. So, you can imagine yourself in a little paradise if you are inside the zoo.

     The structure of the zoo is made to look like a paradise kingdom. From the gate, to the aisle to every house and rooms, it is a paradise.

 Welcome to Mc Avilon! Come in! What's your order?











You ugly duckling!!!











Wanna touch my snake? --Valentino











I'm challenging you Philippine hawk eagle!















 There is not, in my opinion, anything more mysterious in Nature than this instinct in animals, which thus rise above reason, and yet fall infinitely short of it.

~Joseph Addison